Monkey In Nappy Spits The Dummy And Bites Person Twice

A monkey, wearing a nappy has bitten a person twice at a fair in Wales.

Little is known about the Squirrel Monkey or its owner and why the pair were out together at the Cardiff festival. It's also unclear what prompted the animal to bite a person, twice.

The owner does not require a license to keep the primate as a pet and the BBC reports it was on a lead with a collar during its time at the festival.

The person who was bitten was taken to a nearby hospital for tests. Their condition has not been confirmed.

Squirrel Monkey
The monkey could have got upset, just like this one. Image: Getty Images.

The RSPCA is working to ban people from keeping primates as pets due to their diverse care needs.

"We strongly believe that primates, as highly intelligent and complex wild animals, are not suitable pets," the RSCPA's website reads.

"Similar to humans, they form intricate relationships, experience emotions, and some can reflect on their past experiences and feelings."

The RSPCA also said social isolation, living in cramped cages and being separated from their mothers can all lead to life-long suffering for primates.

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