People Are Protesting With Bananas After 'Suggestive' Art Pulled From Museum

Polish artists and politicians have flooded social media with photos of themselves eating bananas, and hundreds more have taken to the streets.


To mock authorities for pulling artwork of a woman slowly eating the fruit from Poland's national gallery.

The 1973 video 'Consumer Art' by artist Natalia LL had been on display at the National Museum of Warsaw for several years but was taken down last week.

An installation by artist Katarzyna Kozyra, depicting a woman walking two men dressed as dogs on a lead, was also removed from the venue.

Both were deemed "offensive".

New museum head, Jerzy Miziolek, told local media outlet he was "opposed to showing works that could irritate sensitive young people”.

Dozens took to social media ridiculing the ban by sharing images of themselves eating a banana.

Among them, actress Magdalena Cieclecka told the Associated Press this image was in protest against any ideological or political limits put on artists.

"An artist, to create, must be free," she said.

Others followed Cielecka's lead.

On Monday Miziolek buckled, announcing the artwork would be reinstated -- but only until May 6, when the entire art gallery will undergo reorganisation.

He explained that while he appreciated the role of both artists, the gallery's limited space required “creative changes” to the exhibition.

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Despite the video back on show, 1000 people -- many eating bananas to prove their point -- protested in front of the museum.

“We are against censorship in our country, especially in arts,” lawyer Marta Syrewicz told Reuters.

A man with bananas demonstrates with others outside Warsaw's National Museum, Poland, Monday, April 29, 2019, IMAGE: Czarek Sokolowski / AP
IMAGE: People with bananas demonstrate outside Warsaw's National Museum, Poland, Monday, April 29, 2019. IMAGE: Czarek Sokolowski/ AP

It's the latest in a series of disputed over art and culture since Poland's right-wing government won power in 2015.

Culture Minister Piotr Glinski has been criticised for cutting subsidies to art festivals that had planned to show controversial theatre productions on Catholic themes.