More Than $40K In Cash Fell Off A Truck, Now Cops Want It Back

What are the odds of a cardboard box, stuffed full of cash, falling off a truck just metres ahead of you?

That was the reality for dozens of drivers travelling along a busy Michigan road on Thursday.

The truck driver had accidentally left US$30,000 -- AU$41,000 -- in a box, on the bumper of his truck in Grand Haven.

Soon after it spilt on to the roadway and traffic began to quickly back up as drivers stopped to gather fistfuls of greenbacks.

Police were called in and lanes were closed as officers tried to retrieve as much cash as possible.

"The owner of the money eventually arrived and told officers that he was carrying approximately $30,000 in cash in a cardboard box," Grand Haven Department of Public Safety said in a statement.

Now they're calling for the snatchers to cough up the cash.

Two teenagers, 17, handed US$630 into authorities, while one woman gave up almost US$4,000.

"Thank you and way to go! We commend you for your honesty," the department wrote on Facebook.

IMAGE: Getty

As of Saturday, only US$7,000 had been handed in, meaning there was still $23,000 either blowing in the wind or sitting in the console of a lucky driver's car.

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It's not the first time money has fallen off a truck.

In February, hundreds of dollars of coins were scattered across lanes of a Brisbane road, after boxes they were being stored in, fell from a Prosegur truck.

Police used brooms and shovels to sweep up the cash while others were on their hands and knees scraping up coins.