Uruguay Is Freaking Out About An 'Australian Kangaroo Invasion'

A South American country is currently trying to come to grips with what would happen if Australia's population of kangaroos decided to hop over there and invade -- and it's hilarious.

If you have spent any time scrolling through Spanish Twitter in previous days, a growing collection of memes featuring our national animal may have caught your eye.

As it turns out, Uruguay recently stumbled onto some rather unsettling information: there are far more kangaroos down under than there are Uruguayans to fight them should they need to.

From what we can tell, the entire conversation about any threat Skippy might pose to a country more than 13,000 kilometres away began with a tweet posted at the beginning of April.

"The population of Uruguay is 3,457,000 inhabitants. In Australia Alone There are 47 million of kangaroos," the tweet said.

"That means that if the Kangaroos decide to invade Uruguay, each Uruguayan has to fight with 14 kangaroos."

And it's true, the numbers more or less stack up.

According to government figures, there were an estimated 45 million kangaroos in 2016 -- more than double the population of Australia at the time.

The animal's population had doubled in just six years, leading experts to call on Aussies to embrace kangaroo meat in an effort to avoid wasting their carcasses once they were culled.

The concerned Twitter user even took the time to think of ways to bolster hypothetical Uruguayan forces.

"The point is that in Uruguay there are 3.6 cows per person. That is a factor to take into account. Well you could train those 3-4 cows to fight against at least 4-5 kangaroos," they commented.

The question of who would win between a cow (known for eating grass and being milked) and a fully grown kangaroo (known for punching on with a paraglider and looking like this) is a completely different and detailed conversation for another day.

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While there's currently no indication our roos have plans to take over Uruguay-- which borders Argentina and Brazil -- memes about the theoretical war are making leaps and bounds across the Internet.

Unsurprisingly, they're mostly in Spanish but don't worry, the joke translates and so does Google.

Español crash course:

Canguros = kangaroos.

Translation: "First images of the invasion of kangaroos to Uruguay."

Translation: "LAST MINUTE The Kangaroos take the capital of Uruguay and declare the creation of the new state: the "Marsupial Republic of the Canguguay".

Translation: "The new recruit of the Uruguayan army Steve Carell about to be surprised in the great invasion of kangaroos."

While Australia is home to an impressively huge number of animals ready and willing to kill you, warfare in the traditional sense has so far been exclusively reserved for a more feathered foe, and hasn't yet gone beyond our shores.

Few will have forgotten the great Emu War.

A repeated and failed military assault against two-metre tall birds that were largely indifferent to the rounds of bullets, the Emu War essentially sounds like a meme if the internet had been around in 1932.

As it turns out, the Uruguayans haven't forgotten the battle either.

Translation: "There are rumors that General Steve, J. IM, one of the heroes of the Great Emu War, will be advising Kangaroos during amphibious operations."

There's a reoccurring theme here, and at the very least, it doesn't bode well for Australia's Coat of Arms.