Man Named 'Miracle' Saves Woman's Life After Car Crash

One woman is thankful this Miracle saved her life.

A man called Chris Miracle is being credited with saving the life of a woman whose car had fallen into a creek in Baker County, Florida, on Wednesday morning local time.

Miracle, a tow truck driver, was driving back from a job when he noticed flashing lights in the bushes.

Image: Chris Miracle

He found a 77-year-old woman trapped inside her car, which had driven headfirst into the creek.

The woman veered off the road after a medical episode caused by her medication. She had no phone and could not open her door, but as a devout Christian, played gospel music and prayed she would be rescued.

And her prayers were answered when Miracle came to her aid.

Image: Chris Miracle

"[It's] "God's work," Miracle told Fox News.

"I've driven by it a thousand times, but something didn't feel right so I turned around.

"There's definitely a higher power that made me be on the road at that time to be where I was."

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Winching her car to safety, Miracle towed her car back to town for free.

"She'd already gone through enough. We didn't want to charge her anything," Miracle said.

"She was grateful. She knew the Lord would send somebody her way. So, it was meant to be."

Image: Chris Miracle

His tow truck company -- called Miracle Automotive & Truck Service Center -- has the slogan: "Miracles do happen here."

And in this case, they certainly do.