Woman, 35, Dies After Falling Into A Meat Grinder

A woman in the US suffered a horrific death after falling into a meat grinder at her place of work.

The grisly incident occurred at the Economy Locker Storage Company in Pennsylvania late Monday night (local time).

Jill Greninger, 35, was discovered by a fellow colleague, who called emergency services.

Volunteer firefighters responded to the incident, but it took them 45 minutes to disassemble the machine. Greninger had already died.

The local coroner, Charles E. Kiessling Jr, confirmed the death and called it a "horrible accident".

Jill Greninger. Image: Facebook

It's not known how the accident occurred, but Kiessling speculated she could have been dragged into the grinder while trying to reach something inside.“We don’t know if she fell in or was pulled in as she was perhaps reaching for something in the grinder, which was about six feet off the ground,” he told Williamsport Sun-Gazette.

Greninger was standing on a wheeled set of steps to reach the grinder, he added.

Image: Google

"My heart goes out to everyone who is affected by this," a local resident told WNEP.

"Everyone is shaken and thinks that this is a tragedy that something like this had to happen to such a young lady."

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The processing plant specialises in the sale of meat and has been operating since the early 1900s.

The incident is being investigated by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration.

Image: Facebook

Erin Schreffler, a friend of Greninger's, paid tribute to her "amazing friend" on Facebook.

Jill Greninger you will forever be missed by so many people. You were an amazing friend and person. You’ve touched so many lives. RIP my friend," she said.

Jill Greninger is at least the third person to die in a meat grinder accident in the US in the past decade. Photo: Getty Images

In 2013, a sanitation worker at Interstate Meat Distributors in Clackamas, Oregon, died after falling into a meat blender.

Hugo Chanon, 41, was providing cleaning services at the factory when the accident happened.

A similar incident happened in Oklahoma in 2011, when Michael Raper, 26, fell into a meat grinder while working at a sausage factory.

For two hours Raper's legs were trapped in the machine before he was freed, He died the next day from his injuries.