Shocking Moment A Woman Gets Dragged Onto Train Tracks After Hand Gets Stuck

An elderly woman was been dragged onto train tracks in San Francisco after getting her hand stuck in a closing door.

CCTV captured the moment the women approached the train and her hand was caught. A station staff member is seen directing the woman to move away from the carriage before realising that she's stuck.

The train then begins to move and the woman is dragged down between the train and the platform.

Witnesses described a distressing scene to CBS, with one man stating that people on the platform tried to help by yelling and pounding on the train to stop, but the train's operator didn't notice the commotion and continued.

CCTV footage captured the horrifying moment the elderly woman was dragged by the train. Source: San Francisco

The woman was rushed to San Francisco General Hospital and has since been discharged -- a spokesperson from the hospital did not elaborate on her condition.

Paul Rose, a San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency (SFMTA) officer, said that the trains have "sensitive edges within the doors that can detect when a hand or object is in the door, preventing it from from closing".

The train shown in the video is known as a Muni train, and a release of a new generation of these trains has resulted in another incident similar to the one seen in this video.

The safety concerns have led to the launch of an investigation by San Francisco County Transportation Authority and San Francisco is now holding off on a $US 62 million commitment to buying 151 of the new trains.