Two Tonnes Of Rubbish Removed From Everest

Over five days, more than two tonnes of rubbish was collected in the Everest region.

The rubbish removal was part of the 24th annual Wildlife Week, that is organised each year by the Sagarmatha National Park Office.

The region of Sagarmatha is one of 14 in Nepal, and covers parts of the Himalayas and Mount Everest.

Government and non-government organisations were joined by the Nepalese Army, who flew in 2.5 tonnes of resources for the operation.

Image: Nepal Army

Over the five-day cleanup, more than two tonnes of rubbish was removed from the region.

One tonne of bio-degradable waste was flown to Kathmandu and was claimed by 'Blue Waste to Value' who will dispose of it. The company specialises in transforming waste into valuable raw materials.

The other tonne of rubbish was flown to the Army barracks in Okhaldhunga for "proper management", according to a statement.

"The Vice President will provide necessary assistance in the use of necessary manpower and air resources for the relief work in the Sagarmatha Himalayan Cleanup campaign," the Nepalese Army said.

"The Sagarmatha Khumbu area has been cleared from this type of cleaning campaign, it is believed that significant improvement in environmental pollution and the impact of international influence in the international world."

The clean up will continue with the Clean Mountains Campaign beginning this week and continuing until May 19.