Social Media Tracks Down Father And Daughter In Viral Notre Dame Photo

The father-daughter duo captured in a heartwarming photo taken just an hour before a major fire erupted at Notre Dame in Paris has been found, thanks to Twitter.

Brooke Windsor, the American tourist who took the picture, confirmed on Thursday that the story has come full circle.

Windsor's search for the people in the photo went viral on Tuesday after she shared it on Twitter.

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"I almost went up to the dad and asked if he wanted it. Now I wish I had," Windsor tweeted Monday night alongside the photo.

"Twitter if you have any magic, help him find this."

Now, Windsor has confirmed that she's been in touch with the father in the photo through Twitter, though he has asked to remain anonymous.

"The search is over!" she tweeted on Thursday. "The photo has reached the dad and family."

"Thanks again for that beautiful photo, we will find a special place for it," the dad told Windsor, according to her tweet.

She also thanked everyone who has shared the photo for helping to locate them.

Roses have been laid near Notre Dame after a fire devastated the cathedral in central Paris. Image: Getty

The iconic spire at the top of the cathedral and a large section of the roof collapsed in the fire that broke out on Monday.

A French judicial police official told the Associated Press investigators think an electrical short-circuit most likely caused the fire, although the investigation continues.

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French President Emmanuel Macron has vowed to rebuild the landmark.

Fire officials warned that the more than 800-year-old cathedral structure remains very fragile and extremely dangerous for construction workers and others.

Featured image: Twitter via Brooke Windsor