Wallabies Make Run For Freedom From Dutch Zoo

Two wallabies have caused Dutch police a bit of a headache, after they escaped their enclosure in a zoo.

Police in the Netherlands town of Kerkrade were notified that a kangaroo was on the loose on Monday by a member of the public.

Not quite believing the story, they made their way to the area it had been seen, and found not a kangaroo, but a very lost wallaby.

"Not entirely convinced, we went that direction to see it with our own eyes," Kerkrade Police said on Facebook.

"The reporter had seen it almost well, it turned out to be a wallaby."

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Ten officers were sent out to catch the elusive wallaby, which continued to bound its way down the Kerkradersteenweg highway.

"In the end, we managed to close in and catch the wallaby," police said.

The home of the wallaby was determined to be the Mondo Verde theme park and zoo, more than four kilometres away in Landgraaf.

However, after thinking they had done their job for the night, police were notified a second wallaby had escaped.

Cops said the morning crew took over the hunt for the second wallaby, and was later caught.

"All wallabies are safely back at the Mondo Verde in Landgraaf," it said in an update.