Search For Father And Daughter In Now Viral Notre Dame Photo

A Twitter user has posted an adorable photo of a pair believed to be a father and daughter having fun outside Notre Dame an hour before it was ablaze.

Brooke Windsor posted the photo on Twitter claiming she took it as she was leaving Notre Dame about an hour before the iconic cathedral caught fire.

Windsor said that she "almost went up to the dad and asked if he wanted it" and, following the devastation caused to the building after the blaze, she now wishes that she had.

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The photo was taken at 5:57pm local time according to Windsor -- the fire inside Notre Dame allegedly broke out at approximately 6:20pm, interrupting the mass that was being conducted inside.

She asserted in a later post that she did not know for sure if it was a father and his daughter but that the dynamic between the pair that she observed while "debating on interrupting this moment" led her to believe they were.

Many Twitter users expressed their support for Windsor's quest and the photo has been shared over 170,000 times in the hopes of tracking down the father.

Source: Twitter.
Source: Twitter.

As of yesterday, Windsor has still been unable to find the pair but she remains hopeful and is still encouraging users to share the photo.