Brutal Moment Teen Crashes Into Fellow Skater Goes Viral

The incident occurred at the National Skateboard Championships in the UK over the weekend.

The shocking footage captures the moment skater, Logan, 16, flies off the top of his skateboard and is propelled several metres across the air towards a fellow skater.

The other skater, who goes by the username 'brlendum' was seen balancing on the edge of a narrow high wall between a foam pit and another skate ramp.

The impact of the collision sent both of them toppling over the edge of the high wall with Logan somersaulting into the foam pit while the other skater appeared to tumble metres down the ramp at the Graystone Action Sports centre in Manchester.

Image: Instagram

The viral video was uploaded to Instagram by Logan, who also apologised online to the fellow skater.

"I can't explain how sorry I am I hope everything's all good," Logan said, before thanking people for their positivity. "

"As they say it's all fun and games till someone gets hurt".

Skateboard England, the official page for the championship event also made reference to the knock-out, calling it the "'that' internet sensation".

Feature Image: Instagram