Photos Inside Notre Dame Show Charred Altar With A Hanging Cross Intact

The cross hanging above the altar at the Notre Dame Cathedral has remained intact, surviving the fire that has ravaged the 12th century building.

The fire began in Paris' iconic landmark late in the afternoon on Monday, causing the spire to collapse and the roof all but destroyed.

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The first images from inside the cathedral have been released, and show the shocking devastation of the blaze.

Image: AAP

Remarkably, the gold cross above the altar looks untouched, despite the still-smoking charred alter around it.

Image: AAP

Other photos from around Notre Dame shows the the fire is still burning in the upper reaches of the church.

Image: AAP
Image: AAP

Ariel photos show where the roof has caved in, taking with it scaffolding and interior arches.

Image: AAP

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French President Emmanuel Macron has visited firefighters on the ground and witnessed the damage first-hand.

Image: AAP

"The worst has been avoided, even though the battle has not yet been completely won," he said outside the cathedral.

"We will rebuild this cathedral together and it is undoubtedly part of the French destiny and a project for the years to come."