Mum Faces Jail After Toddler Urinated In A Parking Lot

The pregnant mother was cited by Police for 'disorderly conduct' and faces 60 days in jail because her three year old urinated in a parking lot on his way to the restroom.

Brooke Johns said she was driving when her son, Cohen, said he needed to use the restroom.

“He’s like, ‘Mom, I’ve got to pee. I’ve got to pee!’ I was like, ‘Well, hold on,’ and he’s like, ‘No! I’ve GOT to pee! I’ve got to REALLY pee.’ ” Johns told WRDW.

According to Johns the two barely made it to a petrol station parking lot before she realised he wasn’t going to make it inside.

Brooke Johns and her son, Cohen. Photo: CBS

“I can’t pick him up,” Johns said. “I’m not supposed to lift him.”

Johns said she tried to cover Cohen up as best as she could as he relieved himself right there in the parking lot.

The commotion caught the attention of a Richmond County Sheriff’s deputy.

“Accidents happen. And he was like, ‘Take him in the bathroom.’ What if I would have run in the bathroom and someone had been in there? What I was going to let him do? Pee on the floor of the gas station?” Johns said.

Instead, the deputy cited her with a disorderly conduct charge.

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“She allowed her male child to urinate in the parking lot,” the deputy wrote on the citation. “I observed the male’s genitals and the urination. Public restrooms are offered at the location.”

The citation Brooke was given. Photo: CBS

She will appear in court on April 30.

If convicted, Johns faces up to 60 days in jail and an AU$7,015 fine.

When asked about the citation, the Sheriff’s Office quoted an ordinance against “any person who damages, befouls or disturbs public property or the property of another so as to create a hazardous, unhealthy or physically offensive condition.”