Man Arrested 15 Minutes After Release For Stealing From Prison Car Park

Just 15 minutes after being released from prison, the man was caught trying to steal from cars in the jail car park.

Casey Michael Lewis had just paid his bond to be released from St Lucie County Detention Centre in Florida on Thursday.

He had been charged with grand theft, and paid his bond awaiting trial.

Casey Lewis. Image: St Lucie County Sheriff

But he didn't make it out of the car park after police spotted the man trying to allegedly steal items out of unlocked cars in the car park.

"A review of the video showed Lewis being released from prison... you can clearly see Lewis looking into cars and opening the door of a silver coloured car," the arrest record said.

Image: St Lucie County Sheriff

He allegedly spent two and a half minutes sitting in the car before exiting, and made his way to the exit, checking other cars for unlocked doors.

He was intercepted before being able to leave the premises, and found to be in possession of an iPhone 7, four packets of cigarettes, a Visa debit card, a driver's license and $547 (AU $770).

The owner of the car identified the items as her belongings.

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He was re-arrested and had additional charges of burglary added to his previous list.

After paying another bond of $11,250 (AU $15,850), he was released a second time.

Feature Image: St Lucie County Sheriff