Family's Plea For Photographer To Take Very Unusual Family Portrait

A U.K. family is desperate to find a photographer to take one final family portrait that includes their two-month-old son and his dead grandfather.

But it seems the request is out of the comfort zone of many professionals in Bristol, the grieving couple is struggling to find a willing photographer.

An advertisement posted online failed to gain traction last week, so the relatives reached out to on-demand photography service which also failed to find a suitable photographer through its automatic matching system. 

The company has now issued a call-out for the unusual project, pleading for someone to step up and help out.

The grandfather, who died last week at the age of 76, always loved to be included in family activities and was especially keen on family photos, so the couple felt obliged to fulfil his wishes, according to Bristol Live. 

They're offering £99 -- about AU$182 -- for a "tasteful" shot of the family with the bub and pa to be taken at the funeral home.

IMAGE: Perfocal

"We deal with a lot of different requests from customers, but this one is definitely one of the more poignant," Perflocal founder, Tony Xu, said.

It may sound like a stretch, but taking a portrait with the deceased is more common than you may think.

In the 1800s, taking photos of a dead body wasn't creepy at all.

Having one last family photo was a Victorian custom -- a way of commemorating the dead and helping loved ones overcome grief.

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This type of photography eventually petered out in the 1900s when casual photography became more common, but requests do pop every once in a while.

It's not yet known if the grieving family found someone to take their final family photo.