UK Removes 'European Union' From Passports Despite Brexit Chaos

The words 'European Union' have been removed from some newly-issued UK passports despite 'exit day' coming and going with no Brexit deal passed.

All burgundy-coloured passports which contained the words 'European Union' were due to be phased out from March 30, the day after the UK was officially supposed to leave the EU.

Britons were warned in advance they would not be able to choose whether their passport included the European Union label or not, but the passport office insisted there would be no difference to travelling with either.

"Both designs will be equally valid for travel," the office said.

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But despite the parliament repeatedly voting down the Prime Minister's  Brexit deal -- forcing Theresa May to this week ask the EU for their departure to be again delayed until June 30 --  the office has gone ahead with the passport changes.

Susan Hindle Barone said she picked up her passport on Friday only to discover the changes.

In a post on Twitter, she said she was "truly appalled" and "furious", adding any mention of the EU had been removed from inside the passport too.

"We're still in the EU - Why doesn't my new passport reflect that," she wrote.

The passport office said it's also still planning to go ahead with the phasing in of blue passports later in the year.

The blue and gold design will see a return to the old design of British passports before it joined the EU, as a sign the UK no longer needed to "conform to EU standards", the government announced in 2017.

Image: Passport Office

"Leaving the EU gives us a unique opportunity to restore our national identity and forge a new path for ourselves in the world," Immigration Minister Brandon Lewis said at the time.

All British passports issued from early 2020 will have a blue-cover, the passport office said.

Another Brussels summit to discuss the UK's departure is due to be held next week after May asked for the June 30 extension.

The EU President is reportedly due to suggest a "flexible" 12-month extension instead.

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