Guy Boldly Declares He's Single, Gets Inundated With Calls And Texts

Hours after breaking up with his girlfriend, Matt Russo became an online sensation after being snapped at a Mets game declaring he's ready to play the field.

It started out as a joke between friends but quickly blew up after former ESPN sports business reporter, Darren Rovell, spotted Russo and his sign in the stands and Tweeted a photo to his two million Twitter followers.

“Im [sic] single as of today! Ask me for my #. I dare you,” the newly-single man wrote above his phone number.

Within 20 minutes, the 23-year-old received 70-odd text messages from strangers keen for a date and guys who were simply offering up their support.

Several hours later, the bartender had responded to almost 100 text messages and answered over 200 phone calls.

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"My intention was to watch the Mets game but apparently, that’s not going to happen today,” Russo told the New York Post.

Not only will he be knocking back dates for weeks, this single fella now has the first date covered thanks to Bud Light.

Russo said he and his ex had dated for five years but grew apart and decided to split just hours earlier.

There's no word on how she's taking her ex's quick bounceback, but it seems he's not too fussed by it.

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“I’m looking for a good girl. My ex was a very good girl. And of course I like a sense of humour,” said Russo.

The now infamous Mets fan has since set up a Twitter account of his own but as his new-found fame is still in its first day, it's not known if he accepted a date or four or if Bud Light followed through with its promise to fork out the cash.

You do you, Matt Russo.