Brazilian Radio Station Robbed At Gunpoint During Live Broadcast

An online radio station in Sao Paulo was robbed by three men whilst live streaming one of their programs on Tuesday night.

SOT, an online radio station located in Jardim, a wealthy neighborhood in Sao Paulo, was live with one of its shows when suddenly a group of three men, carrying guns announced the assault.

A man can be seen pointing a gun towards the radio hosts and guests. Source: Radio SOT

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Video released by the radio station shows the hosts and guests seated around a table with their headphones on conducting a show when they turn to look at the door and one of the men at the table puts his hands up.

"We are being robbed," said the radio presenter while about 30 radio listeners were watching and listening to the robbery live via the internet.

The thieves took mobile phones, watches and some jewelry, threatening the radio presenters and guests at gun point.

The robbers, speaking in Portuguese, can be heard saying "Come on, come on, remove everything, remove the necklace," and "Do you want to die?"

One of the thieves can be seen taking mobile phones of the presenters and guests from the table. Source: Radio SOT

According to Fernando Manholer, one of the directors of the radio station, the people watching immediately called the police, who arrived after the suspects had fled the scene.