Who's The Father? Identical Twins Both Forced To Pay Child Support

Two Brazilian brothers refused to say which one fathered a child and DNA tests were inconclusive so now both have to cough up cash.

The men allegedly impersonated each other over several years so they could sleep with as many women as possible, but now their scheme has come back to bite them.

One of the women fell pregnant and turned to the courts seeking financial support for the child who is now nine years old.

When neither man admitted to fathering the child, the judge ordered DNA tests to be carried out, but both came back positive because identical twins come from the same fertilised egg.

“One of the brothers, in bad faith, seeks to conceal paternity. Such behaviour should not be protected by the judiciary,” Judge Felipe Peruca, in the central state of Goiás, wrote in his ruling.

Both men were forced to undergo a DNA test IMAGE: Getty

Instead of getting away with it, Judge Peruca ordered the men -- not named for legal reasons but known as Fernando and Fabricio in court -- to both pay child support.

It equates to 230 reais -- about AU$83 -- per month, or 30 per cent of the minimum salary in Brazil.

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The judge also ruled that both brothers would be included on the girl's birth certificate.

But the mother is unhappy with the result and plans to appeal.

“We believe the child has the right to know who the biological father is,” lawyer for the mother, Evandro Paganini, said.

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A similar case played out in the United States in 2007.

Identical Missouri twins Raymon and Richard Miller became the father and an uncle to a little girl but didn't know which was which.

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It turns out both men had slept with the same woman, within hours of each other and both denied being the father.

Again, DNA tests were inconclusive, with both brothers given a 99.9 per cent probability of being the dad.

The court ruled that Raymon was the legal father.