Men Shoot Each Other While Taking Turns In Bulletproof Vest

Police have arrested two men in the U.S. who reportedly shot each other as they took turns wearing a bulletproof vest. 

Charles Eugene Ferris, 50, and his neighbour Christopher Hicks, 36, were on Sunday arrested on suspicion of aggravated assault.

The pair were having drinks on the back deck of Ferris' Arkansas home when things took a turn.

Police will allege Ferris was wearing the bulletproof vest and told Hicks to shoot him in the chest with a .22-calibre semi-automatic rifle.

The vest stopped the bullet but left a mark on the man's chest.

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At this point, a now "pissed" Ferris then "unloaded the clip into Christopher's back", leaving bruises, according to an affidavit cited by KFSM.

Ferris' wife told him to go to the hospital, where he initially told police a bizarre cover-up story.

According to Ferris, he was hired to protect an "asset" who paid him US$200 to follow him into nearby bushland where a "gunfight" broke out.

It wasn't until Ferris' wife arrived at the hospital a short time later when she told investigators her husband and Hicks shot each other while drinking on the back deck of their home.

Ferris later told police he only wanted to keep his friend out of trouble.

Both men are due to front court on May 13.