China Exploded A Frozen River And The Footage Is Mesmerising

A blasting operation was conducted on the frozen surface of the Heilongjiang River in Huma County of northeast China's Heilongjiang Province on Tuesday, in order to prevent the risk of flooding in the spring.

The blasted section covered 2.7 kilometers of the river and the explosives were put under the ice. As workers detonated the line of explosives, ice chunks were blown into the air, forming a momentary row of pillars.

"The explosion date set for the Heilongjiang River in the Huma section had to be moved up due to relatively high temperatures and low precipitation this winter. That's why we carried out this blast. The operation area was divided into nine parts, with a total length of 2.7 kilometers. The blast will greatly reduce the possibility of an ice flood and safeguard the lives and property of people living along the river," said Li Yansong, the director of the Huma Water Authority.

The frozen river surface is blown apart. Image: Reuters

The spectacular ice blasting scene attracted a number of tourists, who were eager to snap pictures of the flying ice.

"I was really lucky to be able to see this spectacle today. With each 'boom', the ice flew dozens of meters high. It was very spectacular and thrilling," said Liu Qi, a tourist from Shanghai.

Ahead of the operation, local police cordoned off the river and patrolled the ice to stop tourists from entering any dangerous areas.

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