The Udderly Surprising Helicopter Rescue

A stranded cow has been airlifted to safety in Italy.

The cow became trapped on a beach on the Italian Island of Sardinia.

The Italian fire brigade, the Vigili del Fuoco, brought in the big guns to rescue the poor thing.

Strapped into a harness and with its head covered, a helicopter was used to airlift the cow to safety.

Image: Vigili del fuoco

According to the fire brigade, it was checked out by a vet and is in fine health.

The Italian fire brigade has a history of rescuing cows. Just two days ago they were called to rescue a calf that had become trapped in brambles after it escaped its stable in Ancona.

A cow rescue in 2017. Image: Vigili del Fuoco

And in 2017, a cow was rescued in Frosinone after it fell down a cliff.

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