New Zealand Police Negotiating With Man After Reports Of Shots Fired

New Zealand Police are negotiating with a person who is believed to have locked himself in a house after shots were reportedly fired near an Auckland primary school.

After spending over an hour in lockdown, the Glen Eden Primary School received confirmation they were able to lift the security measures.

The New Zealand Herald reports the primary school and two early childcare centres in Glen Eden, West Auckland went into lockdown at around 10 am local time (8am AEST) after reports of a shot being fired at a home nearby.

"Glen Eden Primary School has just received confirmation to come out of lockdown and all students, staff and persons on-site are safely accounted for. Thank you for your co-operation," the primary school said in a statement.

The two childcare centres were also briefly in lockdown, but those procedures have also been lifted.

West Coast Road and Glenview Road were closed as precautions.

Dozens of heavily armed police arrived at the education centres and the home.  Police have secured the area and continue to negotiate with a person who is believed to have locked himself inside the house.

The New Zealand Herald reports the man is refusing to come out of the property.

Communities all over New Zealand have been on high alert since the Christchurch mosque shootings, where 50 people were allegedly killed.

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