A Tory MP Resigned Seconds After Parliament Rejected Four More Brexit Options

Members of the British Parliament are fast running out of options and time to secure a Brexit deal.

The House of Commons voted on four more motions for leaving the European Union on Monday evening local time.

All four options were rejected, quashing the latest glimmer of hope that the Brexit conundrum would be solved once and for all.

The options on the table included:

Motion C: Where the British government would commit "a permanent and comprehensive UK-wide customs union with the EU" meaning the UK would stay quite connected to the EU. This would be a 'very soft Brexit'.

The British government is running out of Brexit options. Image: Getty

Motion D: This was referred to as the 'Common Market 2.0' and would involve the UK joining the European Free Trade Association and European Economic Area. This was proposed by Tory MP Nick Boles and would see the UK leave the European Union but be able to trade with the rest of Europe.

Motion E: This would allow a public vote to approve any Brexit deal agreed upon by Parliament before it would be implemented.

A motion for a second public vote has been rejected. Source: Getty Images

Motion G: Aimed to prevent the UK leaving the bloc of nations without a deal, which included a vote on revoking Article 50 (which means stop Brexit altogether).

None of that really matters anymore because each of the motions was voted down.

Nick Boles, who tabled Motion D, announced his resignation immediately after the votes, saying he had failed and could "no longer sit for this party".

"I have done everything I can to find a compromise," Boles said.

Nick Boles

His announcement was met with other members calling out "Oh Nick, don't go". The House erupted in a round of applause as he left the Chamber.

Secretary of State Health and Social Care Matt Hancock tweeted in frustration following the votes.

"Now, please, can we all just vote for the deal and deliver Brexit," Hancock wrote.

These latest rejections come after Theresa May's Brexit deal was voted down a third time by Commons. Even the promise of her resignation as Prime Minister wasn't enough to get the deal over the line.

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May now has until April 12 to either seek a longer extension of Article 50 from the EU or get parliament to agree on an alternative means of exit or to leave the bloc of nations without a deal.

Brexit protesters outside British parliament. (Image: Getty)

While the motions were being debated, a group of protestors made their way into the public gallery where they stripped down to their underwear. Painted on their bodies were climate change-related slogans. The protesters were urging MPs to 'stop wasting time' over Brexit negotiations.

Brexit Bottoms
Image: Twitter/Stefan Simanowitz.

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