Green Meteor Flies Over Cities And Lights Up Night Sky

The National Weather Service (NWS) of the United States confirmed a meteor lit up the night sky on Saturday.

Videos show the meteor fireballing as it fell to Earth, producing a bright green light.

The NWS in Tallahassee, which covers North Florida, Southeast Alabama and Southwest Georgia, tweeted about the meteor late Saturday. The weather agency reported the space object registered on its Geostationary Lightning Mapper, which is used to track lighting, at about 11:52 pm local time.

Some witnesses who caught glimpses of the meteor were confused by what they'd just seen. Twitter user Jeffrey Cardona posted a video showing the fireball descending to the horizon, with the message "Can Somebody Explain This!"

Others got spectacular footage of the meteor falling from space.

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"We saw it looking south from our back yard in Valdosta, GA at approx 11:55 pm," one Twitter user wrote.

"Very bright, green tint, lit up the sky almost like daylight for a couple of seconds. Biggest or closest one I've seen in 30+ years. Pretty awesome!"

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NWS was trying to track if remnants of the meteor landed somewhere, but it likely burned up as it entered the atmosphere.