Bride Steals $131K To Pay For Wedding And Butt Lift

Vanessa Cline, 32, is facing more than a dozen charges for allegedly paying for her wedding essentials with company credit cards.

The Virginia bookkeeper was arrested on Wednesday after the owner of No Limits Construction, was contacted by a credit card company about defaulted payments.

It didn't take long for Cline's boss to work out that he was actually paying for his employee to get married.

More than US$93,000 -- about $131K in Aussie dollars -- was racked up on the businesses card.

US$25,000 was charged for a wedding planner, a further US$2,000 went towards a wedding dress, while the butt lift surgery in Miami came out at US$7,200.

Vanessa Cline IMAGE: Stafford Sheriff's Office

Cline is also accused of using the company's cash on clothes, perfume, furniture and plane tickets, as well as forging five checks worth close to US$10,000.

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Not surprisingly, the woman is now facing embezzlement and forgery charges.

It turns out she wasn't the only employee to steal from the construction company, according to the New York Post, Cline actually replaced another bookkeeper who admitted to embezzling at least $150,000 from the company.

It can only be assumed that the company will watch their next bookkeepers' every move.