Crikey! Golfers Left In Awe By Giant Gator In Georgia

An enormous alligator was spotted strolling onto a golf course in the United States on Sunday.

The large reptile was filmed interrupting a game of golf before dipping into a water feature at The Club golf course in Savannah Harbor, Georgia.

Eyewitness Ed Vance, who took the footage, told Reuters alligators are a common occurrence on the course, however, this particular alligator's size stood out.

"When I noticed how big this one was I instinctively reached into my golf bag, grabbed my phone and started filming it. I thought my four-year-old son would love it. We were all in awe of how massive it was," he said.

He added: "Once it got on the green you could hear the "thud" with every you would expect to hear from a dinosaur or something!"

According to The Georgia Department of Natural Resources, there are approximately 200,000-250,000 alligators in the state of Georgia.