CCTV Captures Four Young Men Fighting Off A Gunman

Incredible footage has emerged of the moment a gunman tried to rob a group of Spring Breakers at a service station in Florida.

The four young men were chatting away at a petrol pump in Oakland Park, Florida, in the early hours of March 17, when they were approached by a masked man with a handgun.

The victims told police the gunman jabbed one of them in the ribs with the firearm and yelled, "give me everything you got."

That's when the group fought back.

One man grabbed the firearm and tried to wrestle it out of the suspect's hand while another tackled him to the ground.

A second suspect rushed to help the gunman but his efforts were fruitless.

IMAGE: Broward Sheriff's Office

The gun fell to the ground and one of the victims picked it up, pointing it straight at the offenders who fled the scene in a car parked at a nearby pump.

"It didn't seem real. It seemed like it was out of a movie," victim Alec Tanoos said in a news conference, according to CBS Miami.

“I knew that there was a possibility that I could be shot and killed, I knew that that’s my family, you know we die for each other,” another of the group, Alex Wisbey said.

Brothers Aric Wisbey, 21, and Alex Wisbey, 23, and brothers Jacob Tanoos, 27, and Alec Tanoos, 21 describing the frightening attack IMAGE: South Florida Sun Sentenial

The victims -- who were all related -- managed to take down the license plate of the suspect's vehicle.

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The driver, Kevin Campbell, was arrested the following day and is facing a number of charges, including robbery with a firearm, but the gunman remains on the run.