This Elephant Went Exploring The Streets Of A Small Town And Left Locals Stunned

A wild elephant got separated from its group, and so just went for a quiet walk through a nearby town.

Instead of trying to find its way back to its group, the elephant wondered down the streets of Mengla, a city in China's south.

Initially, people were startled by the huge animal's calm meandering, and wildlife authorities quickly arrived to contain the elephant. However, after an assessment, they confirmed the animal would not cause the human population any harm.

So the elephant was left to freely explore the streets, to the wonder of on-lookers.


Eventually, the elephant was calmly ushered out of the city and into the wild where it's believed it will reconnect with its group.

Asian Elephant groups roam the area between Mengal and Mengyu, which is home to Xishuangbanna Wild Elephant & Nature Reserve. The elephants are a protected species in China, and free to live in a designated safe zone.

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The Elephant Valley is specially reserved for Asian Elephants. It's made up of low hills with luscious valleys, and rich waterholes.

It's possible the elephant wandered off the reserve and into the city. While elephants are common in the area, it's clear people were shocked by its sudden appearance.

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