Pilot Reportedly Crashes Plane Into Baby Shower To Kill Wife

WARNING: Distressing content.

A South African pilot was killed instantly after he slammed a plane into a Botswana clubhouse allegedly in an attempt to kill his wife.

Charl Viljoen is believed to have turned up, uninvited and drunk, to a baby shower held at a local airstrip on Saturday.

He was kicked out after a physical altercation with his wife.

Minutes later a KingAir B200 aircraft -- allegedly stolen from in the country's capital, Gaborone -- made a number of low-level flypasts from different directions.

Charl Viljoen IMAGE: The Citizen

It was then that the pilot called a friend who was at the venue, according to Eyewitness News.

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“He phoned his one mate on the ground there who was still at the party and he wanted to know where his wife was," the man said. "The guy that he called started shouting so that everybody could run away. And then he flew into the Matsieng clubhouse.”

IMAGE: The Citizen News via Facebook

The clubhouse, control tower and more than a dozen cars were destroyed in the crash.

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The pilot died instantly, but miraculously, no one else was hurt.

The police and Botswana aviation officials were investigating the incident.