The Slap That Could Land Aussie Model In US Jail For 21 Years

An Australian model is facing 21 years in prison after being found guilty of slapping and shouting at a flight attendant in California.

Adau Mornyang, 24, who is from Victoria, was on a United Airlines flight from Melbourne to Los Angeles on January 21 this year for what she's described as a "now or never modelling opportunity".

However, she became verbally and physically abusive to flight staff and other passengers during the flight, according to a statement from the US Department of Justice, and appeared to be intoxicated.

According to evidence presented at trial, passengers on the flight complained about Mornyang's "disruptive" behaviour, which including yelling obscenities and racial slurs.

"When the flight attendant approached to assess the situation, Mornyang began to shout at the flight attendant and then slapped him across his face," the DoJ said.

"The flight attendant attempted to restrain Mornyang until federal air marshals could assist. The federal air marshals were forced to stay with Mornyang in the rear galley of the plane for the remainder of the flight."

Adau Mornyang walks before the judges at the model casting call. Photo: Getty

Assaulting a flight attendant is a federal crime, and the former Miss World Australia finalist now faces up to 21 years in federal prison.

However, she says she doesn't remember anything from the flight, and says she mixed prescription drugs with two glasses of wine to help her go to sleep.

“I was so confused and begging and pleading for them to tell me what I did," Mornyang told News Corp Australia.

"I was ignored, I was in and out of consciousness, and was later locked up in federal prison still with no memory of what I was arrested for.

"This whole alleged slapping is a big shock to me and I cry every night wondering why I have no memory of it. How I could of done it while asleep.”

Mornyang's management has been contacted for comment. She is due to be sentenced on June 24.

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