Drugged Baby Orangutan Saved From Russian Smuggler By Indonesian Authority

A Russian man was detained at Indonesia's Ngurah Rai airport in Bali as he was caught trying to smuggle a young orangutan in a suitcase, authorities said.

The two-year-old male orangutan appeared to have been drugged, officials said and was detected during an X-ray security screening.

The baby animal was then taken to a safari park in Bali, where a veterinarian was seen feeding him formula milk from a bottle.

The Russian man was stopped at a Balinese airport. Image: Reuters

Orangutans are native to Indonesia and Malaysia, found in the wild on the islands of Sumatra and Borneo. Some of the species are endangered and all are protected.

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Illegal wildlife trade is rampant in Indonesia, despite efforts by authorities to crack down on smugglers.

The Russian national, Zhestkov Andrei, who also had two live geckos and five lizards in his luggage, was scheduled to fly to Russia, but he has now been detained by police. It was not immediately clear what charges Andrei would face.