Mind The Gender Pay Gap: Discount Train Fares Offered To Women

Some women will be paying less for public transport on Monday, as Equal Pay Day is held to mark the gender pay gap that still exists in many countries.

In Germany, which marks Equal Pay Day on Monday, the special discounted 'Frauenticket' will be available for women.

It will cost 21 percent less than the normal ticket price -- a figure chosen because women earn, on average, 21 percent less than men in Germany. This is said to be the highest gender pay difference in Europe.

Image: BVG

BVG, the main public transport operator in Berlin, is using this number to make a public stand in campaign called 'Mind the Gender Pay Gap.

"That's why, on 18 March 2019, Equal Pay Day, we're launching the world's first women's ticket for one day: women pay 21 percent less for a ticket than men," BVG said in a statement.

"As a company, we publicly advocate that women have the same opportunities as men."

Image: Getty Images

The company said the 21 percent difference equates to about 77 days of work, meaning a woman would have to work 442 days to earn the same as a man does in 365.

The company stated the move, which will bring the €7 ticket down to €5.50, was not intended to discriminate against men and would only be available for the one day.

"On the other hand, who apologises to the women who earn on average 21 percent less?" BVG said.

"This small gesture of solidarity is disproportionate to what women are deprived of income on a yearly basis."