A Cop Accidentally Recorded Herself Giving Boss Oral Sex On Duty

A police officer's bodycam captured her in a private moment, which is now under official review.

Thousands of New York police officers now wear body cams, with 3.5 million interactions recorded -- but this could be the most embarrassing one yet.

It appears things got heated between a female officer and her sergeant during a midnight shift in Brooklyn recently, and as the encounter got more heated, one of their body-worn cameras was accidentally turned on.

While the camera lens was blocked, it seems the audio recorder was working perfectly, with the next few minutes reportedly leaving very little to the imagination.

"There was a lot of grunting and groaning", a police source told New York Daily.

"It was crystal clear like Bose audio".

The officers were on patrol in East New York's 75th Precinct IMAGE: Google Maps

The recording was likely heard during a routine review of the couple's body camera footage -- and  word of it spread like wildfire in the East New York office.

“It’s disgusting and an embarrassment,” one police source told the New York Post, who argued the sergeant should be demoted for the incident.

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The NYPD has issued a statement declaring the claims were under review. The officers remain on full duty.

The raunchy incident came just a week after the department announced that every police officer, sergeant and lieutenant in the force had been equipped with body cams.

Every beat cop, sergeant and lieutenant on the force are now equipped with body camera's IMAGE: AP

It's not the first X-rated body camera incident. In December, the NYPD suspended a detective after he recorded a 30-second video of his own testicles on the body cam.

The video was discovered by a female colleague during a routine check.

With all officers now equipped and more body cams on the way for speciality units, including Emergency Services, authorities are now being extra vigilant.