Billionaire Taunts Ex By Hanging Massive Photo Of New Wife On NY Building

To celebrate his $2 billion divorce and brand new marriage, real estate mogul Harry Macklowe installed 12-metre high, seven-metre wide photographs of himself and his new wife on a building in New York City.

Nothing says 'I've moved on' quite like plastering a sky-high banner of your new partner on a building smack bang in New York City.

And that's exactly what the 82-year-old did, just months after an expensive and bitter public divorce from his wife of nearly 60 years, Linda Macklowe.

“Our smiling faces will be on a building that I built — and I am proud of my wife, my life, my friends and colleagues.” He told the New York Post last week before tying the knot for a second time.

Portrait of billionaire Harry Macklowe and new wife, Patricia Landeau at Park Avenue, New York IMAGE: New York Times

“It gives me a great thrill to share this moment of joy and happiness,” he said.

Macklowe had bid US$2,000 for the photographs at a charity auction in Paris and initially wanted the banner hung from a plane and flown down the shoreline in the Hamptons.

But after failing to hire a jet, he changed his mind.

"I thought: ‘I own a building. Why don’t I just hang a banner from my own building?’”

Harry Macklowe and Patricia Landeau at a function in 2017. IMAGE: Getty

The grand display of affection has copped a lot of criticism on social media and in the local papers.

Many claimed it's a vicious swipe against his ex-wife with some labelling the move 'petty' and 'embarrassing', others 'trashy'.

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That very residential building was at the centre of divorce negotiations and was also where Macklowe and his new wife, Patricia Landeau, held their wedding reception.