"World's Saddest Elephant" Dies After 43 Years In Solitary Confinement

Flavia was separated from her herd when she was three years old. It was the last time she ever saw another elephant.

The female Asian elephant arrived at Spain's Cordoba Zoo in 1976 and was kept alone, in an enclosure, without even a glance at another elephant for 43 years.

Decades of segregation earned Flavia the title of "the saddest elephant in the world," according to Euro Weekly.

IMAGE: Facebook via Zoo de Cordoba

A number of animal welfare groups lobbied to have her moved to a different zoo, sanctuary or safari park so that she could be with her own kind and improve her wellbeing.

In fact, the zoo was actively working with the Animalist Party Against Mistreatment of Animals (PACMA) to save her from captivity, but action wasn't taken soon enough.

On Friday, Flavia collapsed in her exhibit after months of deteriorating health, including weight loss and depression.

She was euthanised after she was unable to stand up.

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PACMA said the Asian elephant had the "worst ending" she could have endured, and requested Cordoba's zoo not bring any more animals into the complex.

The zoo posted a tribute to Flavia on Facebook:

Social media has blown up with outrage, while tributes have also poured in.