Man Allegedly Faked His Own Death To Avoid 24 Rape Charges

Northern California authorities say a Scottish man may have faked his death last week off the Carmel coast to avoid facing rape charges at home.

The Los Angeles Times reported Monday that divers and helicopters searched for three days after Kim Gordon's 17-year-old son called 911 to report that his father vanished on February 25 after going for a nighttime swim in treacherous waters in Monterey.

Monterey County Sheriff's Captain John Thornburg says searchers found no trace of Gordon at Monastery Beach, sometimes dubbed "Mortuary Beach" for its deadly reputation.

The US Coast Guard and the state parks department reportedly searched for days with a helicopter and a drone. Thornburg says detectives began to suspect a hoax because the son's account lacked crucial details, including where exactly Gordon was swimming.

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Kim Gordon allegedly faked his own death. Image: CBS News.

"The story we were given by the son can't answer those questions, and that's where it all started to fall apart," Thornburg said.

Furthermore, the son could not adequately explain how he and his father travelled to California's central coast after travelling by air from Scotland to Los Angeles.

On Wednesday, while the search was ongoing, the sheriff's dive team supervisor Michael Dalington told CBS affiliate KION the son didn't actually see his father go into the water.

"We don't have a witness that saw him go in so it's kind of like a needle in a haystack," Dalington told the station.

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Police searched the beach and surrounding areas. Image: CBS News.

Thornburgh says detectives discovered late last week that Gordon, who's from the Edinburgh area, is facing 24 counts of rape in Scotland. Thornburgh told the station he's not sure how long the case against Gordon has been pending in Scotland. KION reports Gordon is due in court March 11.

The US Marshals Service is also investigating because Gordon is a possible fugitive from justice. No state or federal warrants have been issued so far, reports California television station KSBW.