The 10 Best Photos Shot On iPhones Around The World

Apple launched a challenge in January, asking iPhone users around the world to submit their best photographs for the "Shot On An iPhone Challenge".

As with any competition, there were a couple of rules.

The photos must be taken with an iPhone and only be edited through the photo's app or with third-party software, but photographers had to state the apps and/or the filters that were used.

A panel of judges, including Pete Souza, the official White House photographer during the Obama administration,  selected 10 winners whose images will feature on billboards, in retail stores and in online campaigns.

Here are the winners folks, nothing fancy, just some bloody good photos.

IMAGE: IG: @justphotons via Apple
Blake Marvin (US), iPhone Xs Max  IMAGE: IG @blakemarvin via Apple
Darren Soh (Singapore), iPhone XS Max IMAGE: IG @darrensohphoto via Apple
Nikita Yarosh (Belarus), iPhone 7 IMAGE: IG @yarosh.nikita_
Dina Alfasi (Israel), iPhone X IMAGE: IG @dinalf
Elizabeth Scarrott (US), iPhone 8 Plus IMAGE: IG @liz.scarrott
Andrew Griswold (US), iPhone XS IMAGE: IG @andrewgriswold via Apple
Andrew Griswold (US), iPhone XS IMAGE: IG @andrewgriswold via Apple
LieAdi Darmawan (US), iPhone XS IMAGE: IG @adidarmawan via Apple
Robert Glaser (Germany), iPhone 7 IMAGE: IG @yungbrioche via Apple

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