Flight Diverted After 'Roller Coaster' Winds Violently Rock Plane

Passengers on a British Airways flight from London to Gibraltar were given the fright of their lives when their plane began rocking violently mid-air in high winds.

The BA492 airbus was forced to divert from its route and land in Malaga, Spain after it encountered strong winds on Monday.

Stomach-dropping video -- captured by passengers from inside the plane and others on the ground below -- shows the plane violently swaying from side to side.

A man who claimed to be a passenger on the flight told the BBC he was saying his last prayers as the plane violently shook and tilted at 45 degree angles.

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But others said the flight was not that extreme, with one passenger claiming there had been no screams or cries from passengers on board.

"I was in seat 16C, all I heard was laughter from my fellow teammates about how much the flight resembled a rollercoaster," Kristis Bubnelis said in a post on Instagram.

"So much respect to the pilots and crew ... for their professional approach to the whole situation".

In  a statement British Airways said at no point was there a risk to passengers' safety and said the flight was diverted as a precaution.

Ground transfers were organised for passengers to Gibraltar from Malaga.

Featured Image: AIRLIVE net