Why Did Australia Ban A Bloke Who Believes The Royal Family Are Lizard People?

It's 11 minutes into my interview with British conspiracy theorist and Holocaust denier David Icke, when he first mentions aliens.

The controversial figure had been describing the networks of consolidating power that splinter across the planet controlling world events.

It's like a spider web, he explained, and at the centre of it you have a spider.

Close to the spider are the true secret societies. Just outside of that are the known secret societies, such as the Knights Templar or the Knights of Malta.

After that you have the cusp, where "the hidden becomes seen" -- that's governments, banks, corporate identities and so forth.

"Yes," I said -- forcing myself to jump in and stop Icke before he moves on to another point -- "but who or what is the spider?"


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More specifically, it's a reptilian extraterrestrial race of beings found near the constellation Sirius that have infiltrated Earth and seek to manipulate human kind.

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Icke claims these lizard people include dozens of U.S. presidents, members of the British royal family, and wealthy Jewish family the Rothschilds.

He even claims 'whistle-blowers' from defence forces around the globe have leaked evidence to him of alien contact.

Keeping up with his theories is, well, a lot.

  • September 11th was an inside job, according to Icke.
  • Jewish people were responsible for the Holocaust, according to Icke.
  • Every major world event is manipulated by families stretching through the centuries of alien lizard people, according to Icke.

"I'm not interested in getting people to believe what I say," he said -- perhaps wisely.

"I have one goal, and always have had one goal. To find out what the hell is going on."

Photo: David Icke's 1995 book, And The Truth Shall Set You Free, which laid out his conspiracy theories around Jewish people.

Icke has been peddling his theories -- he would call it "research" -- for the better part of 30 years.

A former professional footballer and BBC sports presenter, Icke first starting exploring alternative medicine in the 1980s to treat his arthritis, and things kind of ... spiralled.

The 'turning point' for Icke's reputation as footballer and journalist-turned-deranged came during a now-infamous 1991 interview on Terry Wogan's BBC interview show. Icke called himself the son of God, and welcomed the laughter from the audience.

David Icke on Terry Wogan's show in the mid-1990s. Photo: BBC.

It was only a few short years later when Icke's publisher dropped him for questioning the Holocaust in his 1995 infamous book, And the Truth Shall Set You Free. He's been self-publishing ever since.

The contentious figure due to land in Melbourne on Thursday for a two-week speaking tour off the back off his latest book, Everything You Need To Know But Have Never Been Told.

Hours before he was due to get on a plane, however, Immigration Minister David Coleman cancelled his visa.

Why Did David Icke Have His Visa Cancelled?

It's his views on Jewish people -- widely criticised as anti-semitic -- that prompted Jewish group the Anti-Defamation Commission to campaign against Icke arriving in this country.

"That David Icke is an appalling and unabashed anti-Semite is obvious and evident," the ADC's Dvir Abramovich told 10 daily.

"He has a long history of scapegoating Jews, calling Judaism an 'incredibly racist' religion which preaches 'racial superiority'."

David Icke clashed with the Studio 10 hosts over the Holocaust this week. Photo: 10 daily.

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Icke's claims include the notion Jewish people are responsible for both World Wars and also Hitler, arguing Jewish people themselves hid behind cries of "anti-semitism" to avoid criticism, and a general suspicion the Holocaust didn't quite go down how the history books tell us.

"Imagine how Holocaust survivors would feel about Icke's visit," Abramovich said.

Both the Liberal and the Labor party candidates campaigning for the  federal seat of Macnamara - -which includes the St Kilda area -- publicly condemned Icke, and celebrated Coleman's decision.

Icke appeared on Studio 10 on Thursday after his visa was revoked by the Australian government .

"You're nitpicking," Icke tells me, when I repeat his more outlandish claims about Jewish people back to him.

"What about all the far greater number of people involved that I talk about, who are not Jewish? Why am I not anti-them? Why?"

"I'm saying all these labels are just illusions. I'm being accused of being racist. I mean, who's the racist? I don't see race. I see having different experiences."

The one thing you may have to give Icke is this: if he truly believes in lizard people and unified consciousness, then he might be the first person in history to say "I don't see race" and really, truly mean it.

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