Woman's Unruly Outburst After Being Kicked Off Flight Goes Viral

A woman's profanity-laced outburst has gone viral after she was kicked off a flight.

Valerie Gonzalez, 50, was on a JetBlue flight bound for Las Vegas when she found out she had been seated next to a child.

"I'm not sitting next to a f------ three year old, I've been drinking all day," she said, according to a subsequent arrest report, quoted by local media. 

Gonzalez then got up and moved to an unassigned seat, at which point passengers brought out their phones and started to film her.

A woman was escorted off a JetBlue plane after an angry outburst. Image: Twitter

"Oh, you wanna f----- tape me? Make this viral, b-----," she is filmed saying in a video posted to Twitter, before spitting on a passenger.

"I didn't do anything. What did I do?" she continued as she began to move into the aisle.

"If you wanna make this viral, make this viral. What the f--- did I do?"

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In a statement, JetBlue said crew members responded to a "disruptive customer" onboard who was removed from the plane.

According to the arrest report, the woman allegedly spat at airline employees and hit one staff member who attempted to stop her from re-boarding.

She was arrested on a battery charge and refused to cooperate or move, forcing officers to put leg restraints on her as she was wheeled out of the terminal in a wheelchair.

Featured image: Twitter via BigOShow