WATCH: Chilling Footage As Icy Road Causes 47 Vehicle Pile Up

Shocking footage has emerged of a multi-vehicle crash on a United States highway which saw at least 47 vehicles collide.

Skidding drivers, unable to stop in time, were filmed slamming into one another in the horror pile-up.

The Missouri State Highway Patrol said it reported to close to 600 crashes across the state on Friday, as wild weather left roads completely frozen over and caused accidents on several major roads.

The spate of crashes led to more than 50 injured and at least one person dead, as authorities urge locals to remain inside their homes and avoid travelling anywhere unless in an emergency.

A jaw-dropping video shared to Twitter by KCTV5 News producer Dante' Jones shows the terrifying beginning to the monster pile-up.

The video attributed to Jameon Weaver shows drivers travelling along the I-70 near Oak Grove, violently crashing into each other, the frozen road making it too late for them to stop.

Multiple semi-trailers were also involved in the pile-up, which shut down the highway for several hours as authorities battled through the fierce weather to clear the wreckage.

The truck driver filming the incident can be heard repeatedly exclaiming that there was nothing they could do, as other semi-trailers were seen hurtling towards the pile-up and smaller cars skidded into the wreckage.

Missouri State Highway Patrol responded to the video on Twitter and said it was "the reason we ask drivers to slow down and increase following distances during winter weather".

Local broadcaster KCTV5 reported the huge crash resulted in the fatality that was confirmed by state patrols.

The wild weather is expected to continue throughout the weekend, and authorities are urging people not to leave their homes.

More than 1700 calls for help have already been across the state with nearly 600 motorists also left stranded.

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