This 'Car Crash' Proposal On Live TV Gets Incredibly Awkward

These "cringe-worthy" surprise Valentine's Day proposals have been ripped to pieces on social media.

It was meant to be a sweet segment full of love, surprise, and excitement.

Unfortunately, it was everything but, leaving viewers at home in hysterics.

'Loose Women' host Christine Lampard made the surprise announcement at the very start of the show, explaining that the three unsuspecting men had no idea their partners were about to drop a knee.

"Anything could happen," she declared.

She wasn't lying: what followed was the most cringe-worthy piece of television you will ever watch.

Just ask unsuspecting future hubby, Lee:

Image: Loose Women

With John Legend playing in the background, we watch poor Lee, red-faced, standing awkwardly in front of the camera,  as his partner rummaged around her bag for a ring.

Finally: "I would like to propose to you, will you marry me?"

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Looking seriously unsure and uneasy, Lee responded with a muffled and casual: "Yes, I suppose."

Viewers absolutely let rip on social media:

How stoked were the other two gents? We have no idea because Lee's shifty-eyes, face screwed reaction was all the entertainment we needed for one day.