New 'Sausage World' Theme Park Sure To Snag Fans Despite Being The Absolute Wurst

If you've never seen a sausage machine spit out more than 1,000 snags a minute, you haven't lived.

But here's your chance.

Heck Food in North Yorkshire, England, is spending millions of dollars to develop a visitor attraction dubbed 'Sausage World' -- which we're guessing will be like a big, meat-filled theme park for banger lovers.

Basically, the producer is moving its production of meat and vegetarian items to the same site so that fans can tour the site, eat at its restaurants and shop at its stores.

IMAGE: Westend61/Getty

Andrew Keeble, the co-founder of Heck Food, told the BBC he expected the visitor attraction to draw in "loads of school trips".

"It's amazing how many people have knocked on the door and asked to have a look around," he said, adding: "If you have never seen a sausage machine work then it's worth it. We have a machine that can produce 1,300 sausages a minute. It's like a Gatling gun."

If you're making a trip out of it, make sure you jet to Germany and stay at the world's first and only bratwurst-themed hotel -- it's in the small village of Rittersbach near Nuremberg.

Boebel Bratwurst Bed and Breakfast has sausage pillows, wallpaper, and even edible mobiles hanging from the walls and ceiling.

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One guess what's on the menu...

A room of the so-called Wursthotel (sausage hotel) in Rittersbach, southern Germany IMAGE: Christof Stache/Getty

Third-generation butcher Claus Boebel is behind the unique idea, he's hoping his sizzling idea will attract visitors from around the world.

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Not the wurst idea, that's for sure.