Ellen Just Gave A Family $1 Million To Pay It Forward

Ellen DeGeneres just gave a struggling Californian family a $1 million surprise on her talk show.

The Daniels family is the recipient of the largest ever single gift from the talk show which was in partnership with Cheerios in its One Million Acts Of Good segment.

Despite living paycheck to paycheck with four children in a two bedroom apartment, the family is well known for their generosity, paying for another family's shopping on a trip to Walmart.

The family were surprised during a recording of the show and brought to the studio where they were given the two-part gift.

The first was a straight payment of $500,000 to the family to spend.

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"It's going to take care of your debt. It is going to take care of college for your kids, you're in a two-bedroom apartment, you can buy a house now," said DeGeneres.

Ellen gives the first cheque (Image YouTube/TheEllenShow

The second part of the gift was another cheque to pay forward of $500,000 however the Daniels wish.

The family had originally met Ellen as part of her 12 Days of Giveaways and after learning of the family's giving habit, she gave them everything that was donated over the 12 days.

Feature Image: Youtube/TheEllenShow