Russian Witches Gather To Pass Their Powers To Vladimir Putin

Just in case Vladimir Putin needed more power, a coven of witches have gathered to pass some extra energy on to him.

Dozens of Russian witches and psychic mediums gathered to perform the 'Circle Of Power' ritual. It's considered one of the most powerful acts by witches and aims to pass on mystical energy from one person to another.

In this case, that other person was already Russia's most powerful man.

The witches gathered in a circle and Head Witch Alyona Polyn led the chanting from the centre.

Russian Witches Pass Mystical Power To Vladimir Putin
The witches gathered in a circle for the ritual. Image: Reuters.

"Oh primordial power, return to the abyss those who wish hate upon Russia," Polyn chanted.

"May Russia rise and step away from grief and poverty and may the coming days open the gates of happiness for Russia. All hail!"

The group chanted that Putin would be afforded clarity with this decision-making so that good fortune would fall upon Russia.

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"Come up with the greatness, power of Russia, direct the way of Vladimir Putin right and correctly throughout the word of mine. Breathe, Mother Earth, embracing Russia on all sides," the grouped chanted.

Russian Witches Pass Mystical Power To Vladimir Putin
The witches want to pass on their energy to Putin. Image: Reuters.

The ritual mirrors traditional Russian culture that refers to people who have magical powers and so extract their strength from mystical sources outside 'normal' realms.

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According to Reuters, about 80,000 people work as folk healers and psychic mediums in Russia.

Featured Image: Reuters. 

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