Terrifying Moment Deadly Brazil Dam Collapses Caught On Camera

A video aired on local media, has captured the moment a dam at an iron ore mine in south Brazil burst, releasing a wall of toxic sludge and mud.

The dam break killed at least 110 people on January 25, and there is an ongoing search for hundreds still listed as missing.

The footage, obtained by TV channel Bandeirantes, shows the surge of mud which buried the mining company's canteen and neighbouring buildings.

Vehicles can be seen driving on the right hand of the screen before they are eventually covered in mud.

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Employees of the mining complex were eating lunch when the dam gave way.

Aerial view over mud and waste from the disaster caused by the dam spill in Brumadinho. Image: AAP

There is an investigation underway into the cause of the dam's collapse, and five people have been arrested including three officials from Vale SA -- the company which owns the dam.

This is the second incident to happen at one of its mines in three years.

It is likely the collapse was caused by liquefaction, a Minas Gerais state official told Reuters.

Rescue Underway After Burst Mining Dam In Brazil

This is the process whereby a solid material loses strength and behaves more like a liquid, and was the same issue which led to the 2015 collapse of the company's Samarco damn.

Vale SA said the reddish-brown mud unleashed by the collapse did not have dangerous levels of metals, as authorities fear the slurry could eventually pollute the Sao Francisco River -- the second longest river in Brazil.

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