If You Have A Child And A Salary You Could Be Paid To Live In Italy

The picturesque rural alpine village of Locana is so desperate for residents the mayor will pay you $14,000 just to live there.

Hidden in the mountainous Piedmont region in Italy's north-west, Locana is running the risk of turning into a ghost town.

Desperate to save the community from dying out, mayor Giovanni Bruno Mattiet is offering up to 9,000 Euros for help to populate the town.

"Our population has shrunk from 7,000 residents in the early 1900s to barely 1,500 as people left looking for a job at Turin's big factories," Mattiet told CNN Travel.

"Our school each year faces the risk of shutting down due to few pupils. I can't allow this to happen."

Locana is only a two-hour drive to Milan IMAGE: Google Maps

Spanning 132 square kilometres of the Gran Paradiso mountain reserve, there are plenty of outdoor activities like fishing, trekking, swimming and ice-skating, to keep you occupied.

And with dozens of closed stores, bars, restaurants and boutiques that are calling out for new owners, Mayor Mattiet is calling on young people and professionals to make the move.

Lillaz waterfall. Cogne. Gran Paradiso national park. IMAGE: Stefano Venturini/REDA&CO/UIG via Getty

But before you pack your bags, there are a couple of conditions.

Firstly, you need to have a child or children, to help fill up the schools.

Secondly, you need a salary of at least 6,000 euro or $AU9,500.

Lastly, you will need to really commit to the village. Long term commit. You can't just take your cash and run.

Locana, Italy IMAGE: Getty

While the deal was originally just for Italians or foreigners already living in Italy, the mayor is so desperate to save the village that he's now extended the offer to outsiders too.

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The town may be small, but it's wealthy thanks to the clean hydroelectric energy it sells to the Italian state.

So if you're keen for a big move and a fresh start, you can reach out to the town directly here.