Thief Steals Painting From Art Gallery In Broad Daylight

A man walked into Moscow’s New Tretyakov Gallery, took the painting off the wall and walked out.

On Sunday the man dressed in jeans and a dark top walked into waltzed right up to the artwork by artist Arkhip Kuindzhi, which is worth about 1.3 million, and simply lifted it off the wall.

He then casually wandered out of the gallery, holding the painting in one hand. In broad daylight.

The man was surrounded by fellow gallery-goers were there, enjoying the exhibition.

The man took the painting off the wall... Image: Russian Ministry Of the Interior.
... and then walked out. Image: Russian Ministry Of the Interior

It took a few minutes for people in the gallery to realise they had just witnessed a criminal act. One witness told local media he thought the man was a gallery employee. Many were bewildered by just how brazen the theft was.

It took Russian police about 12 hours to find the 31-year-old man, whose criminal actions were captured on gallery CCTV.

They managed to retrieve the painting which was not damaged during the theft.

Featured Image:  Russian Ministry Of the Interior